It is even easier to make your Donation with Texting:

Text to: (541) 234-8448

(Note: I have the number in my address book under “UCC donate”)

Enter Text: ## [fundname] where

  • ## is the amount, in dollars, of your donation
  • space
  • [fundname] can be any of the following:
    • <blank> will go to Unpledged Giving
    • “pledge” will go to your Pledge
    • “goodsam” will go to Good Sam Fund
    • “laundry” will go to Laundry Love
    • “covid” will go to Covid/1200 Fund
    • “taize” will go to Taize Fund
    • “foodbank” will go to Food Bank Fund

On your first time, you will be asked to enter Credit Card or Bank Information. Thereafter, you are good to go for your donations.

Any questions: email Linda Anderson