Sunday, May 8 – “Voices”

View this recorded version of Sunday Worship from May 8, 2022 (Mother’s Day).

Bible Verses

Bible verses: John 10: 22-30

Reflection: “Voices”

Snippets from the sermon by Rev. David H. Brown

“As we look at this at the end, when Jesus was being confronted, I think Jesus wanted those who were confronting him to give up being tricksters and see what he was really saying, and how he was really demonstrating love… we need to be the ambassadors of love.

This is the fourth Sunday of Easter. It’s also Mother’s Day or the celebration of the Christian home.

So let us give thanks for all those voices that have touched us and shown us love and helped us grow, remembering that we are the Easter people.

We need to move beyond the voices of deception and help share those voices and demonstrate those voices of love not only with our family, but with all of god’s family.”