Sunday, March 20: “Let it Be”

View this recorded version of Sunday Worship from March 20, 2022.

Bible Verses

Based on Isaiah 55:1-9 and Luke 13:1-9

Full to the Brim – Let it Be

Snippets from the sermon by Rev. Dr. Fred Grewe.

“As suggested by John Dunn, [from] Notre Dame, ‘What if death isn’t an interruption to life, but rather it’s destination.’ I think that might be close to what Jesus is saying here.”

“I’ve decided I can either let these folks that drive me crazy stoke the fires of my outrage… or I can heed the words of rabbi Jesus.”

“If our activities are filled with self-righteousness and vengeance, it may yield fruit, but the fruit will be poisoned, and it will be short-lived. And the only antidote I know for the poison of self-righteousness and vengeance is reconciliation.”