Media Submission

There are a number of ways to get your message out to the Congregation and the community. This form is designed to assist you in doing that. Please fill the form for each media you are targeting with your message. In addition, email any attachments/pictures to the office. Tege will distribute to the appropriate people within the church.

The following details the various Media Types.

Church Bulletin (This should be the briefest reminder. Deadline is Wednesday 10 a.m. for the Sunday bulletin). Limited to church events and ministry team sponsored events.

E-Weekly (This should be a reminder, having already put the complete submission in the newsletter. Deadline is Tuesday 10 a.m. each week for Wednesday e-weekly): To enhance readability keep submitted items to 90-95 words. Community events can be publicized here.

Newsletter (This will likely be the most complete version of your message/event. If an event, consider a follow-up article next month with pictures and commentary. Deadline for next month’s newsletter is the second to last Thursday of each month. Late submissions are difficult for the editor and may need to wait until the next month. Keep articles tight—limited to 1 page at the most, articles may be shortened to fit copy.)

Facebook (Particularly important for events that appeal to the community or have wider appeal than our church family. No deadline—Facebook will be updated in a timely manner ).

Website (This is mostly for more permanent content. Consider appropriate pictures. No deadline—the website will be updated in a timely manner. Please review your ministry team’s content regularly to remain up to date.).

If you have images or pdf files, please email them now to the church office now!