• Health for Art Rosine.
  • Health for Stephanie Seaver
  • Amy Baker’s mom Nancy: prayers of peace for end-of-life decisions.
  • Casey Busch‘s partner Zachary, who is grieving the loss of his father
  • Healing for Bob Brazeau’s brother-in-law, Peter.
  • Healing for Donna Stuart.
  • A home for every child.
  • Those supporting adult children through addiction, mental illness, legal issues.
  • All those who suffer from mental or physical illness and/or addiction.

We hold those in light who have passed within the last year. Please hold in eternal light the spirits of

     Gus Swartz, Nancy Whitney, Helena Sohl, Sheila Hungerford, Jeff Straub, 

     Susan Bollman, Ken Brown, Lisbeth Wynn-Owen, and Linda Schaeff

Prayers are posted in the e-weekly for 30 days.
If you would like to be included in posted prayers or have them extended please contact a member of Congregational Care

Sandy Theis

Diane Toth

Bob Brazeau

Becky Martin