Can You See Clearly Now?

For years – decades even – people have used the numbers as shorthand for vision acuity: 20/20. Tacked onto program titles or building projects, fundraising campaigns or organizational restructuring efforts, the year 2020 stood in as a symbol of clear vision for the future.

But then… is finally now.

It is officially the year 2020, and I’m having trouble believing it.

In our world, there sometimes seems to be simultaneously more confusion and more clarity — especially in a presidential election year as we are about to experience, with impeachment proceedings underway. Especially as we become clearer about the impact of white supremacy on our religious and political institutions and our planet’s health.

For our church, the “Our Church in 2020 Plan” is what instituted a ministry team structure intended to sustain the many and varied ministries our members hear the Holy Spirit calling us into. As leaders revisit it this year, in light of our mission and values, I am so curious what we will “see” together that will help us plan for ministry.

To modify a popular cell phone commercial, “Can you see me now?”

Plans matter. Adaptation matters perhaps even more.

When we can’t see clearly, the practice of discernment becomes a lifeline. It’s the journey of not knowing, as David King-Gabriel preached a few weeks ago. Throughout 2020, the Spirit that centered us through Advent and Christmas can continue to guide us as a spiritual community.

I pray the Love that first called us into Life as individuals will also center each of us in our working and playing, living and loving, too. We’re going to need that center this year, not only for ourselves, but for all the others whose lives we touch and affect.

If you need some support in finding your spiritual center – in practices of discernment – Rev. Susan and I are here to help.
Looking forward with you,

~Rev. Christina