Pledging 101

Pledging 101: An Invitation to Join This Year’s Fundraising Campaign

Have you made a pledge to church before?  If not, we’d like to invite you to join us in making a pledge this year.  In fact, it would be great if we could have one hundred percent participation.

Here are some questions that you might have about pledging:

What is a pledge anyway?

A pledge is a statement of intention whereby you declare your intent to donate a certain amount of money to the church over the course of a fiscal year.  (Our upcoming fiscal year stretches from: July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022).

Is a pledge a legal obligation like a bill that I have to pay?

No.  A pledge is a goal that you set for yourself to make a voluntary donation.  There’s no penalty if you don’t meet your goal.

What happens if my financial situation changes and I can’t meet the pledge?

Changes happen all of the time.  This pandemic year has certainly shown us that jobs go away.  The economy falls down.  Businesses close.  Happily ever after isn’t.  Yet, even through all of this, God carries us through.  You can change or cancel your pledge at any time.  No explanations needed.  No questions asked.

When do I have to give the money?

You choose your own timeline.  Some people give, following the same pattern that their income comes in, by making payments weekly, monthly, or quarterly.  Some people write a check as soon as they make the pledge, while others wait until the end of the year.  The simplest guideline is to do whatever works for you.

Why does the church ask for pledges?

The church uses pledges as a way to plan for the upcoming year.  It allows us to set salaries for staff, plan mission projects, provide Christian education, sustain ongoing ministries, do community outreach, maintain the building, pay for the utilities, and so much more!

Is there a minimum requirement for the size of a pledge?

No.  You are completely in control of determining how much you give.  You might start out at one level, find out that it is comfortable and that you like pledging, and increase your gift over time.

Who knows about my pledge?

Pledges are a private and confidential matter.  The Treasurer who tracks donations for record keeping purposes, the Financial Secretary, and the Ministry Team Coordinator/Business Manager are the only three people who see individual pledges.

Is pledging painful?

Surprisingly, most people find that they enjoy pledging and contributing to the church’s ongoing ministry on a regular basis.  For many, giving is an act of worship and an expression of gratitude for the bounty and joy in our lives.  Some of us may never teach a class or lead a Bible study but we are financial wizards and can share that gift.  Some people report a great sense of joy and even fun in giving.

Can I donate my car, boat, RV, herd of Alpacas or other physical property?

That type of donation doesn’t fit well in the Sunday morning offering plate but let us know what you are thinking and we will find a way to work it out.  It is a common practice for people to include their church in their estate planning.