Full to the Brim: An Expansive Lent

During these six weeks leading up to Easter, the scriptures are filled with parables and promises of God’s abundant and expansive grace. We’ve done nothing to deserve or earn this grace, and yet, like water, it spills over.

Traditional iterations of Lent often emphasize restraint, confession, and piety. These practices invited one to leave their old life behind to fast and prepare to be baptized into a new way of living. In essence, this was a practice of stepping away from the rat race, corrupt power, and scarcity mentality, in order to live a more expansive and full life of faith. Lent is an invitation to trust the essential promise of our baptism: That God’s love already names us. It reminds us to live fully—as we pursue justice and hope, or express grief and gratitude. So, this Lent, guided by the makers and artists of A Sanctified Art, we are invited to increase our capacity to receive and give grace. Let us discover the expansive life God dreams for us.