Church History

Ashland Congregational Church 1928

1928: Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gray in front of the Congregational Church, Ashland, Oregon

Founded in 1888

The Ashland First Congregational Church was founded in 1888 with help from Dr. George H. Atkinson, pastor of the Congregational Church in Oregon City, Oregon. The original building was on the corner of Siskiyou Blvd. and East Main St. at the site of the current fire station. A new building (pictured above) was dedicated in 1926 at the present location of 717 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland, Oregon, and still looks much the same nearly 100 years later.

1980 to 2010 – Detailed History

Download a narrative of detailed history from 1980 to 2010. Editing of a more complete history from 1888 is in progress and expected to be available in the fall of 2023.

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Photo Gallery

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1956 Leroy Setziol Plaque

1956: This plaque designed and carved in native redwood by Leroy Setziol for the Congregational Church in Ashland, OR, was in memory of Joyce Beeson. Depicted are the cross with the grapevine and traditional symbols of the Gospel. It replaced the original stained glass window facing Siskiyou Blvd. after a storm in 1953 caused irreparable damage.

United Church of Christ Logo1957: The United Church of Christ. In June 1957 the Evangelical and Reformed Church joined the Congregational Christian Churches forming the United Church of Christ (UCC). Learn more. The emblem is based on the ancient Christian symbol known as the Cross of Victory or Cross Triumphant; a cross surmounted by the crown signifies the kinship of the Risen Christ with the orb representing the world divided into three parts to signify Jesus’ command: “You shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth.”

1995: Quilting Group. This circa 1995 photo shows members of the quilting group from that era, from L to R: Sheila Hungerford, Betty Swinnerton, Marian Watt, Lucille Combest, Mary Alice Shepard


Ticket Stub from the UCC production of A Christmas Carol, circa 19961990’s: Inspire Theater Group. During the mid-1990’s a group of church thespians presented plays under the direction of founders Kari Bol and Ken Brown, including: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (circa 1996) and The Journey with Jonah by Madeleine L’Engle (1997). Download PDF: A Christmas Carol, Download PDF: Journey with Jonah.

2001: Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the UCC Church Building in Ashland, OR2001: 75th Anniversary of the Church Building. This anniversary was celebrated with the publication of a history of the UCC building as written and compiled by Ruth Coulthard. Download PDF: 75th Anniversary.


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