“Truth can be told in an instant. Forgiveness can be offered simultaneously. But reconciliation is the work of lifetimes and generations.”
—Krista Tippett, Speaking of Faith

To be human on this planet is to experience conflict, misunderstanding and hurt. Recognizing that true peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of justice, we are called to reconcile people to each other, to their values, and to God. As a faith community, we also recognize that sometimes what is most needed is repentance, changed behavior and reparation. Our members share many gifts and skills in conflict resolution, restorative justice and non-violent communication.

As we grow in our practice of reconciliation, justice and peace-making, we are developing and offering ministries that include:

Policy for a Safe and Respectful Environment

All people are welcome. All behaviors are not. Our spiritual community has developed some guidelines for occasions when the words or actions of members or guests cause harm to others. Using our members’ gifts and skills in conflict resolution and non-violent communication, we strive for restorative justice.

Safe Church Policy

Sexual harassment, sexual abuse and exploitation of the vulnerable are not tolerated. We practice safe church protocols to reduce the opportunities for abuse and to respond to misconduct.