Laundry Love

Laundry Love

Laundry Love started almost as a party, with church members sharing quarters and conversation with any who needed clothes cleaned or a way to stretch their laundromat budget. Though the impromptu guitar solos and spontaneous feasts no longer happen, Laundry Love continues to evolve in new ways to meet our community’s needs so that all humans can have the dignity of fresh, clean clothes to wear.


Laundry Love now happens by appointment! Visit Henry’s Laundromat, behind Ashland Cinema on Ashland Street, to receive a voucher and sign up for a time to wash clothes.

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Grants and Donations are gratefully accepted

Laundry Love is a remarkable program offering laundry service, money, soap and fabric softener, to people in need.

It began once a month on Saturdays when roughly 10-15 volunteers converged on Henry’s Laundromat in Ashland, to visit and share conversation with folks needing to get their laundry done. Each time, approximately 50 people were served and $500-worth of laundry cleaned.

Funding for the project comes from grants and donations from congregation members and a growing number of business sponsors.

As T-Bone shared, when Laundry Love was created, people might treat him more human if his clothes were clean. Interviews go better and work goes better when people have clean clothes.

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