Children and Youth

Children & Youth

We know that young people learn the practices of faith and spirituality from the adults closest to them and are most open to the rhythms and practices of spiritual community before the age of 8! Children and youth have spiritual lives and wisdom of their own; they also want to learn from adults they respect and admire and love.

As one of the few places in our culture equipped to nurture cross-generational relationships, we are committed to multi-generational ministry, valuing all ages as full members of the body, with both gifts and needs, equal say and participation in this co-creating journey with Jesus.


Babies, toddlers and young children (ages 0-4) are invited downstairs to our nursery while parents enjoy the 10:30 a.m. Sunday worship. Older children are welcome to stay upstairs with their parents, and read and color, at the children’s table in the Social Hall.

Downstairs Church / Sunday School

Our Children and Youth Education Assistant, Nancy Wilkinson, leads a program for children ages 5-12. Your children will be charmed by this wonderful teacher, artist, puppeteer. We are excited to have her join our staff.