Sunday, March 6: “Full to the Brim, Even in the Desert”

View this recorded version of our Sunday Service from March 6, 2022.


Finding Your Power

A snippet from the sermon by Rev. Christina Kukuk, titled:

Full to the Brim, Even in the Desert

“There’s internal power, the power that you draw from your own sense of self and identity, and then there’s external power—whether you have the power to gatekeep communications or not. Information is power; you’ve probably heard that.

And then there’s coalitional power, often an informal kind of power. Great-grandma Grace had a lot of coalitional power, because when she called, people would show up.

The tests that Jesus faces in the desert, in the wilderness with the devil, is not a test of whether or not he has the power of that identity, child of God, But how he’s going to use that power?

Is he going to use his formidable powers for good? Is he going to use his formidable powers to feed the hungry, to heal a sick, to welcome the outcast, to bless, to feed, to heal?

As we set out on this forty-day track toward Easter it’s a good question for us, too.”