Your Soul’s Legacy: Sept./Oct.

Your Soul’s Legacy: Sept./Oct.

What? Your Soul’s Legacy Seminar Series.

When? Two time slots are offered, each comprised of seven 90-minute sessions:

  1. Time slot 1 – (STILL AVAILABLE) Wednesdays, beginning September 6 at 10:00 a.m. (Pacific) and concluding October 18.
  2. Time slot 2 – (CLASS is FULL) Thursdays, beginning September 7 at 10:00 a.m. (Pacific) and concluding October 19.

Where? Offered in-person at the church (room location TBD).

What is Your Soul’s Legacy About?

It’s amazing how a slight change of perspective can open up a whole new world of possibilities. For example, what if death is not an interruption to life—but rather, life’s destination? This simple idea is the basic premise behind the seven-week journey of self-exploration in Your Soul’s Legacy Seminar.

If you’ve ever taken a long journey to a different land, you know how important the preparation is. You might scope out the terrain and weather so you can pack appropriate clothing. You make sure you have the right currency. You may try to learn a little of your destination’s language. And you may even discover that the preparation can be quite exhilarating.

The seminar begins by outlining the major causes of anxiety as we age: the existential distress of the loss of meaning, the uncertainty of life, feelings of isolation, and the fear of death. The Your Soul’s Legacy Program addresses each of these issues by using didactics, self-reflective exercises, and times for group sharing.

    • Session 1: Provides an introduction and overview of the facets of existential distress.
    • Session 2: Focuses on rediscovering a sense of meaning by reconnecting with our soul’s treasures, those things and relationships that provide us with a sense of meaning.
    • Session 3: Continues to focus on meaning by exploring our life story and remembering those most meaningful times of our lives.
    • Session 4: Focuses on what we truly believe, what provides us with security, and what we rely on for guidance as we navigate the uncertainties of life.
    • Session 5: Begins to address the issue of isolation by looking at relationships we have that may require mending through the process of forgiveness.
    • Session 6: Continues to dismantle the feelings of isolation by strengthening the healthy relationships we currently have and celebrating them with a blessing.
    • Session 7: Is an invitation to explore the reality of death, to see it as a natural part of life, and to diminish the fear surrounding it.

Research has shown one of the most effective therapies in easing the pain of end-of-life existential distress is to develop nurturing, life-giving relationships. We have discovered that participating in a Soul Legacy Program, with others, helps to develop these kinds of relationships. Simply stated, the group dynamic that emerges is in itself therapeutic.

Enrollment: Limited to ten persons (per time slot) so everyone will have sufficient time to share their experiences and thoughts. To register or ask questions, contact Pastor Fred Grewe at

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash