Choir in the time of COVID

How can we keep from singing?

During our COVID-spawned exploration of on-line worship, the way we make music – together – has changed. “The Cloud”, as I began to call our group of musicians, showed us a way forward: embracing instrumentalists, welcoming vocal harmonies, and encouraging collaboration using digital tools. As we move forward into the fall, we will continue to forge a different path forward. I have communicated with our committed and enthusiastic musicians both within and outside the choir to see what new possibilities for music-making lie ahead.

Small Ensembles

This fall, our ‘choir’ will be a small ensemble of singers that will share music-making in rotation with other individuals and groups. Instead of weekly rehearsals, this small choral ensemble will receive music ahead of time and be expected to learn notes on their own. We will rehearse once together then sing on a Sunday. This format demands more up front practice, but less overall time commitment. We will format rehearsals and Sunday singing with guidance from our Pandemic Response Committee.

Overall, this new way forward will allow more people to share more often. David King-Gabriel, Lisa and Karen, the Hollands and the Warners, Erin Finney and Cathy Barker as well as Family Jam leading worship on Second Sundays. I am hoping that this new way of making music will expand the richness we have always enjoyed. Making music with all of you is one of the most rewarding parts of doing this work and I’d like to spread the joy.

Join Our Musical Journey

If you would like to join this musical journey, please contact me directly: Let’s keep on singing.