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8/3/22 – Remember the Sabbath, to keep it Holy.

When we come to church on Sunday for Worship, how easy it is to be distracted—how easy to forget that it is the Sabbath for everyone, not just for you. Some of our staff work on Sunday: Phil works tech; Karl leads us in music; our Pastor for the day leads worship; Don & Teri »


7/27/22 – Life is a Jigsaw puzzle

I love building jigsaw puzzles—building the edge first, then building the homogeneous blobs, fitting them into the whole, and finally finding the pieces that fill in the blanks. It’s a bit like life—we begin with the edges—trying to figure out our boundaries. As we grow, we build blobs of who we are and fit them »


7/20/22 – Misinformation

I have heard some fantastical stories about what has happened during the past year—stories that had NO relationship to the truth as I understand it. How does this Misinformation happen? I know that when I have bits and pieces of a story, I “fill in the blank” to make sense of it. I end up »


7/10/22 What is the glue?

Donna Stuart asked at the Annual Meeting: “What is it that has kept the church together given all we have been through?” What is the glue. There is something in our DNA as church that I identify in the 35 who, in 199x voted to rebuild the church rather than sell and move to Medford. »


7/3/22 We ARE Clergy-led!

As a UCC Church, we are accustomed to having leadership of trained and ordained clergy. While we are currently engaged in a search for an Interim Clergy, we are NOT without Clergy. We are so very fortunate to have 16 clergy in our church family. Of these, 11 have agreed to be on our Wisdom »


6/29/22 “Search” is a passive verb

Your church council has been working faithfully to search for an Interim Minister. But “Search” begins as a passive process. We don’t go out knocking on doors, though I have called a recently retired minister I know. We have posted on a few other websites besides the But the process entails someone who is seeking to be »