For the past year and a half, our Bylaws Committee (Kari Gies, chair; John Love; Sandy Theis) have worked tirelessly re-writing our bylaws & constitution, assuring a document that is consistent with how we are organized and who we seek to become. Council approved these bylaws in October, further amended in December, and presents to the church for approval at our January 22nd Quarterly meeting. The following documents are offered to help you understand the changes so that you are informed for the vote:

  1. Proposed revised constitution & bylaws as approved by the Church Council on October 12 and amended December 14, 2022.  OPEN PROPOSED BYLAWS.
  2. Two-page guide to the proposed revisions. This index highlights the major changes, indicates which articles they are in, and the page number. OPEN GUIDE.
  3. Document showing the proposed revisions in the context of the revised copy. OPEN COMPARE
  4. Current (April 2021) version of our constitution & bylaws. OPEN CURRENT BYLAWS

There will be a few copies made available for you, but this is a substantial number of pages. I recommend you study these online, on your computer or tablet, and should you have any questions, not hesitate to send them to me so they can be addressed at our Quarterly meeting.