Breeze is here!

This is Members-Only Access:

  • Your Online Church Directory
  • Your profile information, with edit capability
  • Access to your Giving & Pledging history
  • Access to Online Giving
  • Access to find/email groups (tags)
  • Viewing of the Church Calendar, color coded by type of event.

Everyone who is currently active in our Directory, including all Members and active Friends of our Church, are able to access Breeze with their account by setting their User ID and password. The church office has no record of these. If you lose your User ID/password, you may request an update from Breeze, based on your email, or we can re-invite you. If you are in our directory, create your account. If you wish to be in our directory, notify the office.

Breeze FAQ

Below are answers to some Frequently asked Questions, or if some other question, ask Linda Anderson.

Only the Treasurer and Financial Secretary have access to this information. There is considerable security built into much of the information in Breeze. To test this, do a search on someone other than yourself and see what you can see–mainly contact information. That is what they can see of you.
You are certainly welcome to add your own. If you would like your picture taken, notify Linda Anderson, and she will happily comply.
No, they are the same. Use whichever is easiest to you to access.
Please contact Linda Anderson. She will provide you the help you need.