9/6/23: Welcome Home Sunday

This is a KICK-OFF time.

While the church fiscal year began July 1, it has been summer with people coming and going. Now is the time to formally begin our church year with WELCOME HOME SUNDAY! It will be a walk-about, talk-about pot luck, so bring a plate of finger foods—savories or sweets—and walk about Fellowship Hall where each of the Ministry Teams and some Committees will have a table (and maybe some more eating opportunities) to talk about what their group does, opportunities for you to join them, or just to get to know them and better know your way around this church.

This is a CONNECTION time—connections beyond the pew.

It’s also a CELEBRTION time. David King-Gabriel has put together a band to entertain us. Maybe even some boogie time! We’ve come a long way over the past year. There is much to celebrate, not the least of which is the new energy being unleashed with new folks, some returning folks, and us long-time folks soaking it all in.

This is a SUPPORT time.

And it is time to investigate where you may want to plug in. Or find a group that might be interested in what you are interested in. Or learn what these various groups have planned for the coming year. Learn about Congregational Care and how they support us; about Parish and the plans they have for bringing us together; about Facilities and how you might support their efforts; about Adult Education and what that is going to look like this year; about Children & Youth and the plans ahead; about Worship & Spiritual Growth, which includes music and choir and Taize;  about Justice & Witness and all they are cooking up;  and about Stewardship and how they are lifting up our having an Endowment