9/28/22 – Locked Front Door

Some 3 years ago, the police advised our Safe Church Committee to be sure to lock our doors (back and front) after church service began, in light of so many active shooter incidents at churches and synagogues around the country. This is common sense, Safe Church Policy, and has been in effect at least since about December. Unfortunately, since Covid, we have no longer had a Safe Church Committee to consider policy and how to implement and communicate. And so there is significant mis-information about this policy.

This is a hard thing to deal with. The idea of an active shooter in our sweet church would be such a violation of us—how could that happen—but it does happen. It has been hard on folks who arrive late—how to get in without causing a big stir—feeling rejected. What about a newcomer who hasn’t a clue and feels locked out, not knowing why. Would they dare to come back? Not very welcoming. This is a hard thing because we have no group of people who have been identified to form a committee to consider Safe Church Policy, which includes even more than locked doors.

Right now, Tege is the only person thinking about these things. She makes sure our staff have background checks and receive the Safe Child Abuse training. But Tege’s plate is overflowing with more than one person can manage in the 30 hours a week we have hired her for.

We have NEED of a Safe Church Committee to consider the many ways for us and our children to be safe while at church. I would love to have a few good folks stand up and take this issue on. If you think you might be interested in helping in this way, please let’s chat about it. There are many unfilled opportunities right now (Justice & Witness MT, Personnel Committee, Safe Church Committee) in this church. Email me if you are interested or willing or want to discuss.