9/27/23: Tege

Where does one begin to say THANK YOU for a job well done, good and faithful servant! Tege has been our Office Manager/Business Manager and whatever other names since Feb, 2015. That is 8 ½ years! She learned from Mary Martin all of the ins and outs of the office, from doing payroll, to tracking members, to writing an eWeekly, to helping those needing financial assistance—all with paper and pencil. The list is much longer! From there, Tege has converted many of our processes to electronics. We now have Breeze, QuickBooks, Zoom, Google; we have a presence on Facebook and maybe some others.

Tege has been preparing the office for this move—organizing, setting up processes, establishing accounts, etc. And now it is her turn to turn her attention to her sons, Sean and Chris, to her grandchildren, Kaura and Canyon, to her husband, Joe. It is time for her to also focus on her father, who lives locally, and enjoy her mother in Lubbock, TX. And she wants to enjoy her garden, as well. There is much she gave up to serve us so well!

Tege has been working hard this month to train her replacement, Casey Busch, who is working diligently, climbing her learning curve. She won’t know everything Tege knows—YET! So be kind to her. With all of the work Tege did to prepare the way for Casey, and with the abundance of skills and energy Casey has, she will be Terrific!

Tege is taking a 3-month sabbatical beginning next week—to allow all of us to transition to Casey as Business Manager and transition Tege to fellow member. She will return in February and begin serving on the Personnel Committee, working on Policies & Procedures.

Thank YOU Tege for your grace and skill in this very smooth succession planning. Thank YOU for steering this church on the sometimes rocky shoals. Thank YOU for your amazing leadership, your business acumen, your care for everyone who walked into your office, your care of the less fortunate, for being such an extraordinary business manager. I love you and welcome you as “just” one of us!