9/21/22 – Interim Minister

Whew! We did it—in spades and diamonds and hearts and clubs! We have a signed CALL for The Rev. Dr. Fred Grewe to be our Interim Minister. I know—surprise—right!

We have interviewed 8 candidates. In the end, we had 3 very capable ministers who would be a great fit for our church. How fortunate for us. Instead of a “yes/no,” it was a “which one.” I think you would have liked each one. We did! There are always extenuating circumstances—maybe that is God pointing to the best fit for us—and our needs. All of us on Council are quite thrilled—and unanimously agree that Fred is our guy!

You probably know that Fred has recently retired from Hospice Chaplaincy. He is taking a much-deserved two month “sabbatical” and will be ready to join us on November 1st. In preparation, we are planning to move the minister’s office to the Lindsay Room. Our amazing FMMT is working on that. AND then they will see what needs to be done to prepare the Morton House for a rental, providing much needed income.

Fred is electing to take Monday and Tuesday as his “weekend” days off. This may change our office staff hours, as well. He will probably begin his days at home and come into the office for the afternoons and/or evenings, as needed. He will partner with Council to name 3 goals for the year—goals that are specific, measurable, achievable and that will provide the basis for a review of our ministry together. We will also provide Fred with ratings on the scope of his work with us—in terms of importance/priority and % of time spent. Council is partnering with Fred for success in our ministry together. This will undoubtedly result in some rationing of his time in the beginning, with many demands on him. So be patient. And join me in rejoicing! Hallelujah! Amen.