8/31/22 Service is a Breeze!

In the words of Hillary Clinton, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Similarly, it takes a congregation to make church happen. There are many ways to volunteer, from small to large, each week, and various people in charge of finding volunteers.

  • Greeter  – Lucy
  • Usher  – Lucy
  • Worship Leader (2 services) – Laurie
  • Communion Server (first Sunday) – Laurie
  • Count-the-plate – Linda
  • Hospitality – Don
  • Talkback Facilitator – Linda
  • Music leader – Karl
  • Preacher (until we have an Interim) – Tege
  • And probably more that I don’t know of

Not all of us are qualified for all of the tasks. I certainly am not one to do preaching or leading music, for example. Many of these jobs are filled using Breeze: a message is sent out asking you to consider volunteering for selected date(s)—you chose the one(s) that work for you. Easy-Peezy! Breeze then will send you a reminder on Thursday before the Sunday you signed up for.

It would be a GREAT help to Laurie Carter, Wendy Wysong, Don Wilson, Tege and myself if you would kindly sign yourself up when given the email opportunity from Breeze. While a personal invitation is always lovely to receive, it isn’t possible in this case.  Volunteering is a great way to get to know others and to be an active part of OUR church.

And if you are not receiving signup requests and want to participate in one of these ways, email the appropriate leader (by clicking on the name) to be added to the task(s) you are willing to fill:

Lauri Carter                           Worship Leader, Communion Server

Lucy Strasburg                  Greeters & Ushers

Don Wilson                             Hospitality

Linda Anderson                      Count the Plate, Talkback facilitator

Karl Iverson                         Music

With ENORMOUS Thank YOU to all who are participating. The More the Merrier!