8/3/22 – Remember the Sabbath, to keep it Holy.

When we come to church on Sunday for Worship, how easy it is to be distracted—how easy to forget that it is the Sabbath for everyone, not just for you. Some of our staff work on Sunday: Phil works tech; Karl leads us in music; our Pastor for the day leads worship; Don & Teri have duties around hospitality and clean-up. Bless them all for making our Sabbath Holy. And I hope that each of them can carve out a Sabbath for them that is Holy.

But our office staff do NOT work on Sunday: Tege and Wendy work Monday – Thursday in the office. Tege and Wendy do NOT work on Sunday. They worship with us. Wendy volunteers as Greeter some Sundays. Mainly, they seek to make the Sabbath Holy for themselves.

So if you have a burning need to talk to one of them—about anything from feedback to adding something to the eWeekly—unless it is an emergency, pull out the yellow card from the pew and write a note—to yourself—so that on Monday, you can call the office or write an email. Let us all make the Sabbath Holy for our office staff!