8/16/23: Bequests

We recently received an initial distribution of the estate of Helena Sohl, in the amount of $1,570. Brian has requested this money be added to the fund for children’s playground, which will bring the total to $6,697 (with an additional $100 donation from an AA group!). What a splendid way to remember Helena. From her Memorial service, I learned that she was one very special grandma. There ill be additional monies when Helena’s house is sold in a year.

There is one more bequest we have received from the estate of Donna Swanson. You may remember that we received a Memorial gift from Donna’s family—$10,000 that became the Music Fund. This fund paid for the wonderful live music we enjoyed during Christmas and Easter this past year. The fund now totals $8,829. This additional $10,000 is from Donna’s estate. The Finance Committee will be considering it this fall.

I should add that we are named in the estate of Ed and Sheila Hungerford. We don’t know anything more about that bequest yet.

We do have an Endowment Fund that has a balance of a little over $2,000. There is an interest to focus on this fund and its management that it may grow into a meaningful legacy for our church.