7/3/22 We ARE Clergy-led!

As a UCC Church, we are accustomed to having leadership of trained and ordained clergy. While we are currently engaged in a search for an Interim Clergy, we are NOT without Clergy.

We are so very fortunate to have 16 clergy in our church family. Of these, 11 have agreed to be on our Wisdom Council, supporting us in a number of ways. This group has been filling our pulpit since May, and through August (planned-to-date), providing Pastoral Care as needed (both are paid), and is a supportive presence in both active and quiet ways in the background. We also have 2 clergy on our Council: Jim Stumbo and Carry Bailey. And the Finance Committee is being reconstituted with Juli DiChiro joining Tege and myself and soon, David Brown replacing Carry Bailey (who is now on Council). Additionally, Jim Stumbo and myself are backups to the many decisions that Tege is facing.

Thankfully we are not without Clergy.

Join me in thanking especially our Wisdom Council as they provide such valuable support:

  • Susan Alloway
  • Carry Bailey
  • Dorothy Brooks
  • David Brown
  • Eileen Dunn
  • Cheryl Goodman-Morris
  • Mark Goodman-Morris
  • Fred Grewe
  • Karen McClintock
  • Paul Robinson
  • Paula Sohl