7/27/22 – Life is a Jigsaw puzzle

I love building jigsaw puzzles—building the edge first, then building the homogeneous blobs, fitting them into the whole, and finally finding the pieces that fill in the blanks.

It’s a bit like life—we begin with the edges—trying to figure out our boundaries. As we grow, we build blobs of who we are and fit them together. We then fill in the blanks. There are missing pieces; pieces that we discover don’t really fit; etc. Life is building and, sometimes, rebuilding our individual puzzle.

On this trip to where my mother came from, I have discovered a missing edge piece. Long lost, I’ve been searching for it for a long time—Wow! And I discovered a blob that was misplaced. The piece I built just didn’t fit—I found the answers. How exciting! I don’t think we ever finish discovering ourselves!

Just as we have individual puzzles, our church is a puzzle. And we are all trying to figure it out. Rather than force fit our blobs where we want them to be, let’s work together to build our “blobs” and find how they fit together. Let’s join in the mystery of our covenantal life together.