7/20/22 – Misinformation

I have heard some fantastical stories about what has happened during the past year—stories that had NO relationship to the truth as I understand it. How does this Misinformation happen? I know that when I have bits and pieces of a story, I “fill in the blank” to make sense of it. I end up with a full picture, but one that may be fantastical! In time, the made-up bits blend into the known bits so I don’t always know truth from fiction.

I had a sister who embellished her stories. She and I would have an outing that became far more amusing and interesting in her retelling, but far from truth! Sometimes people posit a story—throw a pile of spaghetti to the wall to see what sticks and what doesn’t. This falls into conspiracy theories.

However these fantastical stories have come about, I do not believe there is malice behind them, but rather an intense desire to know—to know sometimes things that are unknowable. While they may scratch an itch, they also tear at the fabric of what we call church. They undermine the authority of Council. They feed our need to know at the expense of trust and community.

I know there are many who want to get on with the business of healing. I would suggest that we can ALL begin the healing today by doing one thing: communicate ONLY your truth.