7/19/23: Our Relationship Agreement

We presented a draft copy of a Relationship Agreement at the Annual Meeting. We received some feedback. We asked to receive more feedback. In addition, the Self-Study Group reviewed the agreement—and council received your feedback. One respondent described the document as BEAUTIFUL! I counted 23 people involved in feedback—and all were considered, with our thanks for taking the time to read and respond in helpful ways.

Council has now approved Our Relationship Agreement. Please download for your records. We will also have copies on the back counter.

What happens next? In mid-September, Fred will hold a Listening Post after church to explain, in the context of the bible and what we learned about ourselves from Karen’s work with us. He will also be there to answer your questions. And at the October Quarterly Meeting, we will call for a vote of the congregation. That is a vote to say that we agree to “create safe and sacred spaces for conversations, decision making, and outreach.”

And then what? Council agrees that this needs to stay up front in our documents as reminder of our promise. Our plan is to include the document in the Annual Repot Packet each year for our reaffirmation. And to include this in our New Member Packets.

Blessings to us all—for realizing our needs for creating this as a safe space for all—and helping us articulate how we go about doing that. May it be so!