7/19/23 Final Blog

I have been Moderator for 2 years and have written a blog almost every week. You have been a great audience—frequently thanking me for the weekly updates to what is going on in our church community. I appreciate your feedback.

I couldn’t have done this without the heavy lifting of Tege and Wendy, our office staff, and the guidance and support of Fred, our Interim Minister. There are also the church Council and Ministry Leaders and so many of you who have given me the boosts of support. I certainly did not do this alone.

So thank you all for your support, encouragement, and assistance. Together we have moved from a dark and scary time to a place of great hope. Our Search team is receiving profiles and interviewing potential candidates for our next settled minister. We are 92% finished with a very successful Stewardship Campaign, with pledges already at the highest level in our history—and, hopefully, highest count of pledges! We have 7 new member joining us on Sunday and new folks joining leadership at the annual meeting that follows church, including a new Moderator in Becky Martin. Our Sanctuary is filled with new, comfortable, sharp looking chairs. You have received the Annual Report with so much good information of all that has been going on. Be sure to get the links and read it all! It is good news for Congregational UCC of Ashland!

I will continue on as Treasurer, serving on Council with voice but no vote. And I will be able to reclaim some time in my life to attend OLLI classes and expand my bread making (Croissants are my next project!).

Blessings to us all!