7/10/22 What is the glue?

Donna Stuart asked at the Annual Meeting: “What is it that has kept the church together given all we have been through?” What is the glue.

There is something in our DNA as church that I identify in the 35 who, in 199x voted to rebuild the church rather than sell and move to Medford. At personal financial sacrifice by all 35, including Brad who spent a year re-building without pay, and (Becky’s) Jim Martin who served as Church admin at no salary—these folks created a stable and beautiful building; they hired Pam Shepherd as minister; and in an amazing act of generosity, invited others to join them. Pam affirmed this generosity with her “Radical Welcome.”

I asked the Council at our meeting last week what they thought the glue was. The theme that emerged was: the people, relationships, conscience and commitment, connections.  These 35, some of whom are still here, shared something special that has continued to permeate the fabric of this church.

Blessings to each of them and to each of you for being part of this strong fabric that refuses to tear.