6/7/23: What a Party!

We had a crowd for Consecrating Sunday—and 75 who stayed and partied! There was a band, plenty of good food, a cleaned up green space, and a relaxing time for all. AND we celebrated Don Seebart’s 100th Birthday. What a guy!

And so many thanks to Parish Life and Linda Bailey and Kari Gies for putting on this wonderful party; to the Band–David King-Gabriel, Karl Iverson; to Anya Tatarenko for the delicious cakes. And to all who joined in the revelry.

We also received more pledges, though we have not yet met our goal. At present, we have:

            71 pledges for a total of $206,881, or 83% of goal.

We have surpassed our total pledging for last year. On the one hand, it is always disappointing to be short of our goal—and seems to be what happens every year. On the other hand, of the 54 people who pledged last year and this, their cumulative pledges were raised 16%. Forty of these pledges were raised substantially. Pledges will continue to come in and we will do follow-up.

Truly, if you have not pledged and if you value this church and what we offer, please consider how you can help us fund our budget for the coming year. It is really important to be well funded when we go out to find a new settled minister. Few would be interested in us if we cannot fund the future. So jump on board and send in your pledge!

And if you missed the post I slipped in a few days ago, go check it out–all about the amazing job of cleanup of our landscaping around the church front and in the green space. We are all. spruced up, with thanks to Carl and David and 13 helpers!