6/6/24 Pledging Update

I have Good News & Bad News!

First, the good News is that we have received commitments that are almost equal to last year’s total pledging: $248k from 83 pledges. There are pledges outstanding that I expect to come in and estimate that we will end up about $280k from close to 100 pledges. This is based on history and data. So if we end up with $280k in pledges, we end up with the highest level of pledging in our churches history—and that is terrific–and VERY GOOD NEWS!

Then there is the bad news. From an abundance of optimism and hope, we had a goal of $300k. I am not able to see a pathway there. So now we have to rethink our goals for next year as it relates to our budget. We must pass a budget by June 30th so that we can pay our staff in July. And how much we pay staff is a big part of the budget. We need to have enough to offer a minister of the caliber we seek. And we have been amping up our office staff.

So if you are sitting on the sidelines, wondering if we really need your pledge—YES WE DO! And if you have already pledged—THANK YOU!

And a especially big thank you to the Stewardship Committee: Greg Jahnke, Kay Sandberg, Marsha King-Rosine, Lesley Stone, and Paul Smith.