6/29/22 “Search” is a passive verb

Your church council has been working faithfully to search for an Interim Minister. But “Search” begins as a passive process. We don’t go out knocking on doors, though I have called a recently retired minister I know. We have posted on a few other websites besides the UCC.org. But the process entails someone who is seeking to be an Interim goes to UCC.org and searches, by state, for available positions. When they find a profile that interests them (be it location, size of church, issues, etc.) they send their profile to the CPC and have a conversation with Tyler Connelly, who then forwards the application to us.

That is when the Council gears up for our active work of discernment. We immediately reach out to all of the referrals with a set of questions and reach out to the applicant to arrange for an interview. Having researched the candidate—sermons, other online information–we do hybrid “zoom” interviews in the common room—this works very well.

At this point, we have had 4 applicants. One dropped out before we could interview. We found two were not the right fit. And one felt perfect before realizing it wouldn’t work for personal reasons.

This all reminds me of a stitchery my mother made for my son as a baby: it said “Please be Patient, God isn’t finished with me yet.” And she isn’t finished with us, either.