6/13/24 Council

Last night, I held my last Council meeting as Moderator. We had the old & new Council meet together over a potluck. It was fun getting to know everyone better and finalizing some old business.

This Council has done SO MUCH GOOD WORK this year, partly because other committees have done SO MUCH GOOD WORK. At the expense of possibly missing something important, the following come to mind:

  • We have a new fee structure for renting out our space and a new Rental Agreement, approved by an attorney.
  • We have an new and approved Endowment Policy that will be implemented this fall.
  • We have a new and approved Employee Handbook (and an accompanying Harassment Policy).
  • We have bylaw changes to make everything work together.
  • We have decided to continue flying the original Pride flag, but asked Justice & Witness to purchase the new flag for Pride this fall;
  • We have approved the purchase of new pew chairs—being delivered today—oops, next week!
  • We extended the Morton House to the Tatarenko family for another year, asking that they pay for utilities.
  • We held 4 Uber meetings, which we discovered were effective ways to communicate between groups.

And this is besides all of the work of the various Ministry Teams and Committees that you will learn about at the annual meeting and in the annual meeting report. Be sure you get a copy of this most excellent report that Tege put together!