5/9/24 More on Pledging

In this church, the commitment to pledging is strong. I am receiving questions from people about how they are doing in paying out their pledge for this fiscal year, that ends 6/40/24. I am happy to answer, but I will also be sending out reports the beginning of June. Alternatively, you can log onto Breeze and see for yourself. You cannot see anyone else’s pledging, but you can see your own. If you are not a Breeze User, you can become one by logging on at:


Another question I have heard is “What is the right amount to pledge?” That is a tough question that I cannot answer for anyone else. But I can provide you a glimpse of what other people pledge in this church. Pledges range from $100/year to $13,000/year. Here is a chart I put together to help me think about our goal of $300,000 total pledges. That is a big step. Consider the following:

The left column provides a range of annual pledge. The first row is larger than $10,000 for the year. The second column approximates what this might mean for a monthly pledge of $950/month. The next column says that there are 4 such pledges in the church this year. And the final column sets a goal of 5 such pledges for next year.

The second row is a range of from $7,500 to less than $10,000 for the year. And so on.

We currently have 92 pledge units—each unit can be an individual or a couple. The goal is for 100 pledge units and aggregate pledge income of $300,000. We have put together a budget based on this pledging that will provide appropriate compensation for a new Minister and elevate our Business Manager to a Church Administrator, upgrade all other expenses as needed to meet our contractural obligations. I am always happy to answer your questions.