5/31/23: Reconciliation

After our Leadership Retreat, we took a vote that most of us were ready to move on. But not all. Below I quote what Fred said from the pulpit on Sunday:

“We’ve been working together through a season of reflection and reconciliation, using the Listening Post sessions and Report-Back meetings to share our emotions and observations about past conflicts and future hopes. Thanks to all for your active, heartfelt, participation.

“As we move now into a new church year with renewed hope and enthusiasm, I want to encourage you to continue to be open to the path of reconciliation. Maybe you want to clear the air with someone else. Maybe you’re still hurt about something that happened years ago. Or maybe you just need to forgive yourself!

“Whatever it is, If you still feel unresolved about past conflicts or want to clean up your side of the street, feel free to come and talk to me about it! I would be happy to support you through a process of reconciliation or forgiveness, so that you can move on with a stronger sense of peace and confidence. It often helps to simply talk things out with another person, and gently put your worry or sense of dissonance to rest. In this way, your personal healing supports our whole community’s healing.”