5/3/23: How Change Happens

How Change Happens by Karen McClintock

Some weeks back we let people know that when our staff (Tege, Wendy, Karl, Fred) are in worship on Sunday mornings this isn’t a good time to bring up office or meeting issues. So now, people are going up to them and saying, “I know I shouldn’t bother you with this, but…” and proceeding anyway. Isn’t this human nature? I once studied a model for change that says before you become really competent in a new skill (or behavior) you have to be consciously incompetent. So, we’re on the way to making this change!  To get to the next level, let’s catch ourselves and change the pattern.  Stop that impulse to approach staff and ask yourself – can this wait until Tuesday when the office staff return to the office?  Or can this wait till Wednesday when Rev. Fred is in? Doing this will allow the pastor to focus on new visitors and members in the greatest need for emotional support.  We’ve had nearly eighty new visitors since Fred began as Interim Minister. Let’s set aside the details of congregational life on Sundays for the greatest good.

Thanks for being on the learning curve each week!