5/24/23:  Stewardship

While we Consecrate our pledges on June 4th, you may feel free to turn yours in at any time—leave it in the plate, mail it in, or fill in the online card


On June 4th, I will bring the bundle of pledges I have received to be consecrated with all of the others. We will also provide a form that indicates your pledge has already been received and that can be consecrated. And then all of the pledges made will be made holy!

The pledges so far received are leading us to much optimism (and thanks!):

         27 re-pledges have raised their amount 22%

         3 new pledges have been received to date.

Said another way,

         Pledge$ received to date = $100,767, or 40% of goal

         Pledge# received to date = 30, or 33% of goal

I am maintaining a “Thermometer” measuring our pledges to date that can be viewed on our website:


 or mouse-over “GIVENOW” on our website top menu and click the presented button to “Thermometer 2023”.

And if you have any questions as to what pledging means or how you might respond, I know that Greg Jahnke will gladly discuss this with you.