5/23/24 Leadership Retreat

Last Saturday, we had a very energetic, interesting, inspiring Leadership Retreat, led by Fred. There were 33 of us—many long-timers, a few very new people, and a good many in between. There were a few big takeaways:

  1. We are not bones and sinews—we are our stories. Fred talked about what our stories are made of, how to think about them, and we broke into triplets to share a story with our group. It is always interesting to know people better—and what better way than knowing their stories. I heard from many the desire for more small groups—opportunities to know one another better. Neighborhood Groups came up—we are ALL in one and some groups do better at staying connected than others. But WE ALL can contact our group leaders (the office will help) to help organize a gathering—in a home, at a park, at the church. This is a great way to stay connected!Let me add that serving on a Ministry Team or Committee is another small group way to get to know others. This church is full of good and interesting people.
  2. Tege & Wendy filled us in on new and continuing office protocols. Both are really busy. This church is bursting with activity, adding to their workload. If you have an office need, please call in advance to schedule an office visit, so they can give undivided time to your needs. And we are all encouraged to use the Calendar (on website or Breeze—they are the same) for self-service, whenever possible and to use Breeze to get phone numbers, etc. If you need to know more about using Breeze, I always remain available to help.
  3. We also talked about our Church Story. That, of course, leads us to our Search and to thinking about saying Good Bye to Fred. We all know the blessings of Fred in our midst, and it will be hard to let go. But what will follow is greeting our new settled pastor—and learning to love them while they learn to love us. This is a transition that will be bitter-sweet that we will go through together.

Thank you Fred for your teaching. You are an inspiration to us all.