5/2/24 Pledging

Our current pledging is coming to an end on June 30th. After 83% of the year, 85% of total pledges have been paid. A third of pledges made have been fully paid, and most of the rest are well on their way. Of the 92 pledges made, it looks like 3 will not be fulfilled. This is strong testimony to the kinds of commitments that have been made. It is awesome.

Our church’s Stewardship Committee is doing a bang-up job introducing Stewardship for our next fiscal year beginning July 1. This committee is led by Greg Jahnke and includes Marsha King-Rosine, Kay Sandberg, Paul Smith, and Leslie Stone.

Be sure to take a look at the “Unselfies” they have posted along the Sanctuary walls. They are inspiring, and give really strong evidence to the beliefs we share in this church.

This bond of shared belief is growing stronger and bodes well for us as a congregation, as we look forward to the changes we face in welcoming a new minister and, sadly, saying farewell to our beloved Pastor Fred. This season feels so powerful and promising.