5/17/23: Budgets

Some on Council expressed concern that “budgets” were presented by Stewardship. Council has not been a part of any discussion on budgets—yet! On reflection, I should have been more clear—these were scenarios—what if’s, not budgets.

So if you, too, were confused about the wild cuts that were presented as the “bare bones” “budget”, my apologies to you as well. I could have just as well cut the gas and ask everyone to come with parkas and sleeping bags in the winter. And ask Fred to work part-time and we will have sign-ups for delivering sermons! The reality is that this scenario would be fraught with some serious choices. And suggesting willy-nilly that the Children & Youth or Taize would simply be cut without any discussion is, indeed, not the congregational way.

I believe that the goal of Stewardship to raise $250,000 in pledges is doable. And early returns suggest that, too. So far we have received 18 re-pledges, with 15 raising their pledge; 2, leaving as is; and 1, lowering (for a total growth in pledging of 20%). And we have 2 new pledges. So there is good reason to be optimistic!

I love what Fred says: (paraphrased) “If we are doing the things God wants us to do, the money will be there.” And I do believe we are doing what God wants us to do.”


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