5/10/23: Flags 

At the Quarterly meeting on April 23, Fred led a conversation about who decides which flags are flown outside the building. He suggested that the congregation should vote on this so our actions are intentional and we live out the representation of the flags. For instance, the church voted to become Open & Affirming some 25-30 years’ ago and the LGBTQ flag is a representation of that commitment. Several comments were made about how that flag is a needed welcome sign of safety to members of the gay community.

But what of the other flags? Currently we fly the Black Lives Matter and a flag that denotes World Peace, though few were sure of that. Someone asked why we don’t fly the American flag? And what about Earth Day flag? The flags are noticed and staff needs to be able to validate why these flags are flying.

Justice & Witness (isn’t it terrific that we have this Ministry Team once again active!) is taking on further discussion and process that can lead to a church decision at a future quarterly meeting. Stay tuned for how they will proceed.

And speaking of the flags, have you noticed the new and spiffy flag holders that Karl Vischer installed on our sign. Kari Gies saw the need and asked Karl to fix the problem. Yeah team! Thank You: Karl and Kari!