4/26/23: Leadership

Council asked Connie Alexander and Don Seebart to be our Nominating Committee. Tege, Fred and myself first looked through the directory and came up with names we thought might fit well—and Connie & Don did the phone calling. At any point, if someone wanted to throw their hat in the ring, we would have gladly received that information.

So now we have a powerful list of leaders for our church for the coming fiscal year. And the list is ALMOST complete:

I have volunteered to be Moderator for one more year. Jim Stumbo (sadly) is leaving council and we have 2 new Councilors: Kari Gies and Becky Martin will join our returning councilors.

 Justice & Witness will be led (and is already) by Ellen Craine and Wendy Wysong-Leighton; Parish Life, by Linda Bailey and Kathleen King; Worship & Spiritual Growth, by Dianna Warner and Cheryl Goodman-Morris. For Ministry Teams, Bob Jessop returns as chair of Adult Education. I know he would like a Co-Chair. We still do not have leadership for the Children & Youth MT. If making an impact in either of these areas tugs at your heart, I would love to talk to you.

Committees include Facilities Management, led by Karl Vischer and David King-Gabriel; Pastoral Relations, DeeAnne Everson and Mark Goodman-Morris; Personnel, Laurie True, Juli diChiro, and Cynthia Scherr; Safe Church, Pam Vellutini. Congregational Care and Finance remain unchanged; Stewardship and Nominations were previously announced.

To see the full slates for this year and next, PLEASE DOWNLOAD HERE.

For all of these new and returning leaders, I thank you for saying “Yes”. Karen and Fred will be leading our May 20thLeadership Retreat for exiting and new leaders to do some goal setting and learn better how to work within our organizational structure. And another retreat is being planned that will cast a wider net for all of us to develop our communication skills. Stay tuned!