4/25/24 Stewardship

This is the time of the year for us to think about our next fiscal year, beginning July 1st. Your existing pledge comes to an end on 6/30/24—time for a new commitment. The Stewardship Committee has put together a program to educate us all and support our thinking about what it means to give to the church.

And it is time for us to have a new budget, which is based on the cumulative pledges for next year. So pledging and budgets are tied together.

This year’s budget is particularly important, as it sets the stage for what we can pay a new minister. Becky Martin and I have looked at Conference Guidelines and come up with what we believe is a generous package, but at this point, there are far too many unknowns to be accurate.

At the same time, Personnel has been looking at our staffing needs and determined that a Church Administrator should replace our existing Business Manager. This new position will take much of the administrative burden off the new minister. The position will have increased responsibility and increased authority and increased salary. This will allow our new minister to be focused more on providing for our enriched worship experience and pastoral care. And, of course, our staff is deserving of the 3% COLA raise.

In addition, inflation accounts for other increases in our budget.

Every year at this time, I have to give thought to my giving for the next year—to the church and to other groups that I value in this community and more broadly. I like to think that my generosity as no bounds, yet it does, of course. So I will prayerfully consider what I can give to the church and to other groups.