4/12/23: Personal Connections

Karen has heard that one of the things we want in this church is deep personal connections. I know there is room for improvement, but there are a number of existing opportunities for personal connections:

  1. The second Monday of every month, the men gather at the church for a pot luck, conversation, and a program. If you are not receiving notice of these meetings and would like to, please click here to email John Love and ask to be included on his list.
  2. At the same time the men meet, the women (who don’t have to be married to the men) gather somewhere local for dinner out together. If you would like to receive notice of these gatherings, please click here to email Linda Bailey and ask to be included in her list.
  3. Neighborhood Groups should include everyone, though some are more active than others. Perhaps you live within one that seeks a leader. Or you would like to know who is in your Neigborhood Goup. If you want more information, please clickhere to email Linda Bailey from Parish Life Ministry Team.
  4. A Women’s Retreat is being planned for Saturday, April 22nd. If you haven’t already signed up, please clickhere to email Paula Sohl.
  5. The Adult Ed Ministry Team offers many opportunities to gather, watch videos or read books and have discussions. For more information, click here to email Bob Jessop about Adult Ed.

Our Website has more complete options—some ongoing and some occasional. Providing opportunities to get together in small groups is a big part of what our church is about.