3/29/23: Justice & Witness & Volunteers

3/29/23 BLOG: Justice & Witness AND Volunteers

Fred had an energetic and well-fed group or 21 come together to talk about a new model for doing Justice & Witness.  This vision considered limited project areas to focus on, one being our Refuge family, the Tatarenkos; come together perhaps quarterly for a pot luck and sharing what is going on; doing real hands-on work; and having FUN!

Ellen Craine and Wendy Wysong-Leighton volunteered to be co-chairs. What a team!!! I am excited to see what comes out of this partnership.

Recently, I received the ATTACHED article from our Central Pacific Conference, Justice & Witness Ministry, about the assaults on our Trans and Nonbinary siblings and importance of using our voices to protest.

But wait—there is more. Last Saturday Parish Life and Fred hosted training for:

            Greeters. –  Ushers  –  Worship Leaders

A de-mystification of how you too can volunteer, if you have been reluctant to dip your toe in the water. Our ushers and greeters are the first face new-comers encounter and are really important to being a welcoming church. Our Worship Leaders are another important face to new people. If you missed this training, there are plenty of folks who can fill you in. Parish Life is the sponsoring Ministry Team.

Part of the process for signing up is adding yourself to a list of people willing to do the jobs. You can sign yourself up on this form. It means you will receive future email opportunities to sign up to volunteer. This is not a life sentence. Should you wish to be removed from a list, you need only ask.