3/28/24 Tatarenko’s

We recently learned that the Tatarenko’s are being allowed to renew their Visa for 2 more years when it expires this August, 2024. Council speaks with one voice when we say how happy we are to be able to support this family. Sergei is now working full time in Medford. He has been able to purchase a second car—it didn’t run, but Sergei fixed it! Anya is baking, selling so many kinds of treats for folks this Easter. Their kids are smiling, learning in school, and far removed from the horrors of what is happening in their country. It is truly a wonderful feeling to provide for this refuge family with this property. Council has approved an extension of their use of the property for an additional year, Aug 24 to Aug 25. We are asking only that they pay $300/month for the utilities that we provide, including electricity, water, garbage, WiFi. We love seeing them in church and so appreciate the delicacies that Anya provides us. Anya is providing a cake for us on Easter morning—ENJOY!

I also want to thank Hannah Horn, who continues to work with the Tatarenko’s as our liaison. She has developed a strong, supporting and loving relationship with Anya, who now is enjoying the time when both boys are in school, baking and extending her skills.