3/22/23: Listening Posts News (by Karen McClintock)

People are asking, “When will we get the results from the Listening Posts?

Data from 76 participants at 12 group meetings has been collated and is being interpreted by our consultant Rev. Dr. Karen McClintock and the Self-study Team of Laurie True, Sandy Theis, Becky Martin, Kari Gies, Hannah Horn, and Leslie Stone.

Six questions were addressed by participants either verbally or on paper.  The results will be made available at open meetings on three upcoming dates in the first week of May.  Look for the dates and times soon for these feedback meetings.  To have plenty of discussion time and input we ask that you attend just one of those meetings.

We are calling the meetings, “What you have told us!” We will report back about why people are part of this faith community, what they need from the church at this time, what griefs and wounds they experienced, roadblocks to a healthy future and ways around them, and lastly what they envision for the future.

Here’s a tidbit for now.  The overwhelming majority of participants said that what they need from the church right now is close personal connection with others.  So, reach out to someone new, or someone you know, and connect with prayer, a walk, a conversation, and a caring spirit.