3/15/23: Justice & Witness

This Saturday, at noon, Pastor Fred is having a meeting at church of EVERYONE who is interested in Justice & Witness in our church. You probably are aware that we have not had a Ministry Team this year, given that no one would step up to lead the charge. But Justice & Witness has been active in the work of Hannah Horn with our Refuge family, the Tatarenkos. Food is being collected for the Ashland Emergency Foodbank. We sponsored a Laundry Love concert last fall to raise money for that effort that is led by the Friends.

What is missing is a coordinated effort to break the barriers in our community and make room for Radical Love.

So if you are interested in being part of Justice & Witness, please come Saturday at noon to meet with Fred and so many others who are also interested. How can we successfully organize all of this huge amount of interest and energy into some kind of effective effort? It doesn’t have to be meetings and minutes. What else might it look like?